“Irish Catholic…”

“Irish Catholic…”

I was raised in an Irish Catholic family so, when I came out of the Medium closet in 2007,  the thought of telling my family that I developed the ability to talk to dead people didn’t seem possible.  It is a sin in the Catholic church to commune with spirits, and that is what I was doing.  I decided to tell my twin sister first.  She was surprised and even a bit confused as she did not understand what it all meant.  Undaunted, I told my big sister next.  She was surprised, too, but accepted my new gift as a good thing and thought that it would bring peace to others.  My brother, the oldest,  lives out in California and was very laid back about it:   “I’ll spread the word.  Cool.”

That left my parents.  I was terrified to tell them that I was communing with dead.  I was truly terrified;  I really had no idea how they were going to respond.  I was so very pleasantly surprised when not only did they respond with delight and wonder, but they also were amazingly supportive,  kind,  and loving. Thank you Mom and Dad.

So, being Irish Catholic is not so bad after all.  It is who I am; it is my heritage,  and I am grateful.


  1. I am Catholic as well and have also had several readings with you. At times I would struggle with it, but ultimately, I had such peace and comfort after our readings.

    • MollyPowers

      I appreciate your comment. I am very happy to know that I can bring that comfort to you.
      Be well, Molly

  2. Susan Inglis

    Hi Molly, Since my beloved father past away last July, I’ve been struggling with my grief. Bereavement counseling was mentioned to me on many occasions, but I found some relief, however small, in writing to my Daddy in a journal. John even mentioned leaving a page blank to see if he writes me back. (he was trying to cheer me up). Since my fathers passing, we have lost 2 more from my family; my father’s sister and my God father, all in less than 8 months. Anyway, when my Dad was in his final days, he spoke to me and told me that he would always be right beside me. We had a very special bond, I guess you could say that we are kindred spirits. Molly, I believe in your gift and I see you will be in Canton, MA in June. I live in Norwood, the next town over. I would love to come to the yoga studio in June to meet with you. I believe that some time with you will help me tremendously in my grieving process over my beloved Daddy. I will keep a look out as the days get closer to June. Kelly, is having a baby shower Sun. June 3rd. Hopefully, your visit to Canton will not be on that day. God Bless You, Molly, you have no idea how much I miss the family even though I try to keep in touch. Take good care, Susan

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