For over a decade, Molly Powers has been a yoga instructor, psychic medium, and Reiki master. All of Molly’s work seeks to bring healing, peace, relief, and often great joy to her devoted clientele. Molly believes that healing the spirit, mind, and body is essential and she hopes that her healing work provides you with this peace.


A Reiki energy healing session is a great way to give your body a break from all that is busy in life. A Reiki session gives your body a chance to heal, to find balance, and to find peace both mentally and physically.


Molly channels spirits of loved ones who have died and delivers messages to clients. This information Molly receives allows her to verify the identity of the person who has passed away.


“Had a Reiki/Reading session with Molly and it was wonderful. Received messages from loved ones that carried a great deal of meaning. The Reiki left me relaxed and energized and filled with a sense of well being. Molly is extremely gifted, and she possesses a positive energy and warmth that makes for a truly memorable experience.”


“You are just going to love Molly! She is so sweet and sincere. I cannot believe what an amazing gift she has. The things she has told me about loved ones that have passed have helped me through the grieving process. In all my sessions with Molly (I have had three), I have left with a feeling of comfort and connection to those I have lost. ”


“I was BLOWN away by how accurate the information was that Molly provided. It was clear, to the point and it never stopped coming. I would highly recommend Molly. The experience continues to uplift me and confirms what I have always known: we don’t die, we just transform to a higher plane.”


“My daughter and I had a session with Molly this week and we did not know what to expect as it was our first experience with medium reading. She was warm and welcoming and made us feel at ease immediately. We left feeling peaceful and seemed to leave some of our grief behind. We felt as though we just left a visit with our beloved who passed! Molly is fun and entertaining and we thoroughly enjoyed our time with her as well as receiving this gift of solace passed to us!! Highly recommended!”


“Molly has the gifts of peace, love and connection that she shares generously with her clients. I consider her and our reiki sessions to be a gift in my life that I cherish even more with the passage of time.”