Molly has been sought out for her gift of connecting clients with the loving spirits of those who have died. With clarity and detail, Molly allows her clients to experience the presence of the loved ones who travel with them in spirit.  It is the medium’s function to relate the information, with minimum personal influence and prejudice, to the recipient of the message, also known as the sitter. The medium receives this information under various states of control.

Molly channels spirits of loved ones who have died and delivers messages to clients. Sometimes the information comes through as detailed facts, sometimes as images. This information Molly receives allows her to verify the identity of the person who has passed away.  With clarity and detail, Molly allows her clients to experience the presence of the loved ones who travel with them. These direct connections are a step in the direction toward comfort, healing, and even joy.

I feel it necessary to emphasize that grief is a powerful emotion, as strong as any in this universe.  It rarely ever goes away completely.  Nor should it. It remains as a testament to the love we carry in our hearts for those who have passed.   Some people come to me hoping that I can wave away their grief.  I cannot.  The path away from grief will always remain an individual journey.  My hope is that the services I provide will help hasten you down the road, but please remember that I cannot get you straight to the end.


Individual Reading | 50 minutes | $275.00

Small Group Session, 2 people | 50 minutes | $325.00

Small Group Session, 3 people | 50 minutes | $375.00


Medium reading sessions cannot be booked online.  Please call 617.461.9512 or email to book a session.

It is our policy for people to wait one year in-between individual or small group readings. If you are interested in coming back sooner you can schedule a Reiki or Reiki-Reading session.  Both of these sessions can be scheduled online.

Payment for individual and small group medium readings are due in full prior to your scheduled session.  I will send you an invoice via email to pay prior to your session. You can also pay by credit card over the phone or send a check in the mail.  Thank you!

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