While instructing yoga, Molly realized that there was an energy present when she placed her hands on students assisting them with positioning. She began exploring other methods of capturing this natural energy and understanding its application to emotion and physical healing. Having heard of the long-proven practice of Reiki, which connects divine knowledge (Rei) to the life force energy (ki), Molly began studies with Marilyn Vega, an established energy healer and seasoned RN at the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital in New York.

Reiki Masters immediately recognized Molly as “a unique hands-on practitioner with special abilities to connect with her patients… extremely intuitive and unequaled in her ability to detect physical and emotional imbalances”. Molly quickly developed a following of Reiki clients that included the elderly, patients with terminal illness, children with special needs, individuals with sports related injuries, and patients with cancer.


During Reiki sessions, Molly sensed vivid presences that offered information, often very valuable to her understanding of the client. Molly took this opportunity to share this information, her clients and students were elated with the energy work.

As Molly researched more about her encounters, she understood that what she was experiencing was the channeling associated with being a medium. The presences that had begun inhabiting her Reiki sessions were not distractions, but rather spiritual guides.

Soon information began to come to Molly outside of Reiki sessions, and instead of suppressing, she welcomed these messages for the people around her. Reluctant to consider herself a “medium”, Molly planned her first formal reading with a friend. She began the reading with a meditation to clear the mind, body, and soul. Before she could complete meditation, the spirits and their rapid-fire information and images arrived in full force, providing undeniable detail and clarity. Once she opened her heart and mind to the experience, there was no turning back. She began readings, bringing closure and peace to her clients from their loved ones on the other side.


Molly’s power to heal is phenomenal, her clientele is vast and loyal, and her reputation continues to grow. She has been become extremely sought after for her yoga instruction, Reiki healing, and medium abilities. Experts suggest that Molly’s extraordinary ability comes from her abnormally high energy level… physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Her natural vibration and rate of energy is “Through the roof and off the charts”, as witnessed by those who have attended Molly’s personal appearances.

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