“I love seeing Molly for Reiki sessions! It is such a relaxing and calming experience. I feel mentally/physically centered when I leave. With all the stressors in life, it is wonderful to have time to focus on my body/breathing along with Molly’s positive energy.”

“My Reiki session with Molly was super relaxing and I left feeling very peaceful and serene. I wish I could start everyday like that! Thanks Molly.”

“Molly is an AMAZING Reiki master and healer. Reiki is a very complex healing modality. This is what Molly provides – a whole mind, spirit, body experience that aligns your energy and continues to provide healing. She is amazingly gifted and if you want the best, she is it.”

“Molly has the gifts of peace, love and connection that she shares generously with her clients. I consider her and our reiki sessions to be a gift in my life that I cherish even more with the passage of time.”

“I have been seeing Molly for 7 years. She is amazing, and truly gifted. Her demeanor is friendly, warm, gentle, and she exudes a very positive energy. She has helped me tremendously forgive and resolve some issues in the past with loved ones who have passed over.”


1 person | 50-minutes | $140.00

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