“I am a huge skeptic when it comes to mediums and communicating with those who have died. However, I’d heard Molly was the real deal, and I believe that after having my reading. She was lovely to talk to and I enjoyed the reading very much. I’d recommend her to anyone wanting to communicate with those who have gone on. ”

“I have never been to a medium before and was a bit of a skeptic. After suffering a major loss, I’ve been grasping at anything to make me feel better. 99% of everything she said was spot on….the other 1% I think I will make sense in the future. She is able to connect with animal energy and there’s no doubt that she connected with my dog. She said a lot of things that were extremely specific. She said she liked the “little fishies” that I put on her food; weekly I put sardines on her food”

“You are just going to love Molly! She is so sweet and sincere. I cannot believe what an amazing gift she has. The things she has told me about loved ones that have passed have helped me through the grieving process. In all my sessions with Molly (I have had three), I have left with a feeling of comfort and connection to those I have lost. ”

“I was BLOWN away by how accurate the information was that Molly provided. It was clear, to the point and it never stopped coming. I would highly recommend Molly. The experience continues to uplift me and confirms what I have always known: we don’t die, we just transform to a higher plane. ”

“It was an amazing experience. Molly’s accuracy was unbelievable. She brought up things that no one else knew about. Molly has a great sense of humor! I would recommend Molly 110%!”

“I have know Molly for about 6 years now. She is a lovely person with an amazing gift for connecting people with their loved ones in spirit. I appreciate her warmth and genuine personality. ”

“My daughter and I had a session with Molly this week and we did not know what to expect as it was our first experience with medium reading. She was warm and welcoming and made us feel at ease immediately. We left feeling peaceful and seemed to leave some of our grief behind. We felt as though we just left a visit with our beloved who passed! Molly is fun and entertaining and we thoroughly enjoyed our time with her as well as receiving this gift of solace passed to us!! Highly recommended!”


Individual Reading | 50 minutes | $275.00

Small Group Session, 2 people | 50 minutes | $325.00

Small Group Session, 3 people | 50 minutes | $375.00


Medium reading sessions cannot be booked online.  Please call 617.461.9512 or email to book a session.

It is our policy for people to wait one year in-between individual or small group readings. If you are interested in coming back sooner you can schedule a Reiki or Reiki-Reading session.  Both of these sessions can be scheduled online.

Payment for individual and small group medium readings are due in full prior to your scheduled session.  I will send you an invoice via email to pay prior to your session. You can also pay by credit card over the phone or send a check in the mail.  Thank you!

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