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February 23, 2012

Grief is something that we all experience at some point – from the death of a loved one, the loss of a relationship, or the loss of a job.  Grief challenges us in different ways.  It can make us sad, angry, frustrated, and so disappointed because we can’t seem to shake the heaviness of loss.  During a medium reading or a Reiki healing treatment, the amazing part about connecting to those who have died is that their energy brings in lightness and peace. This lightness and peace also bring happiness.  Happiness is what allows for enjoyment in life.  What a gift to receive from a loved one who has died, happiness!

I get this question a lot. “What is it that you hear that makes you sure you’re communicating with the deceased?”   I hate to say it, but it doesn’t “sound” like anything.  Information is delivered to me, like a story that is not mine, a story connected to the loved one who has died.

For example, I get who has died, say, “Mother.”  I get a month, “April.”  Maybe that’s when she died, or her birthday.  I get information on how she died, “lung cancer.”  This may come in as words or I will get the physical sensation of labored breathing along with the words “lung cancer.”   Your mother wants you to know she’s here and that she is communicating with you during the reading.  It is the detailed message that she delivers during a reading that confirms her presence.

On being a Medium

February 7, 2012

When I say, “I talk to the dead for a living,” I’m often met with blank stares.  Occasionally, I get a, “Really?” or, “That’s cool.”  My friends say that I should really give up expecting people to know or understand what the essential core of my work is.  Connecting people to their dead loved ones is the action but bringing peace and healing to the living is the goal.

During a medium reading, I am able to connect to the loved ones who have died and share messages.  Not advice.  Concrete details that let you know that person’s spirit is still with you and will be with you always.   These details allow confirmation that these loved ones who have died are traveling with you.

During a two-hour group reading, Molly will begin by sharing her story- the  discovery of her ability to connect to people who have died and how this has changed her life.  In the main portion of the session, Molly will deliver meaningful messages to individuals in the room from the loved ones who have passed and travel the journey of life along with them.  Spirits will typically deliver detailed information and images that allow the participants to verify the identity and existence of the spirit.  With clarity and detail, Molly allows her clients to experience the presence of the loved ones who travel with them. These direct connections are a step in the direction toward comfort, healing, and even joy.

Molly makes every effort to divide the time as equally as possible during a group reading.  As the instrument used by many spirits attempting to connect at once, Molly does not have control of which spirits will come through louder and more persistent.  We can not guarantee that every member of a group reading will receive a message.  There is also no guarantee that the spirit you intend to connect with will be the one who makes the connection.  Please keep this disclosure in mind, but also keep an open mind.  We hope you will enjoy the wonderful experience of the connection between the spirit and the living.

This is a video of Molly Powers at a Group Reading.  During the video Molly talks about her work as Medium connecting to those who have passed on.  This video may be helpful for those who want to learn more about Molly’s work.

\Nobody\’s Traveling Solo\

I was having coffee with my boyfriend at Starbucks one morning in Central Sq. in Cambridge, MA a bit over a year ago and I was feeling emotionally drained.  I sat down to join him for coffee and I just started to cry.  He looked at me inquisitively. “These dead people are killing me,” I sobbed as I fell into his arms.   The day before I had three readings that were really intense and very sad.  Two of the people had shot themselves in the head.  In the third – the last reading of the day – a woman’s son was crushed by a mobile home that had fallen off its cement cinder blocks while he was repairing it.  He died a slow, suffocating death.

It seemed as though that day of readings in particular was emotionally challenging in ways I didn’t appreciate until I sat down to have coffee the next morning.  In my work I deal with death on a level that is unbelievably remarkable, and unbelievably sad.  I hear the stories of how people die and I often see a picture of what took place at the time of death.  Where the person was.  Were they alone?

These details, although difficult at times, are the evidence that this person who has died is communicating with you.  The person who has died wants to make sure you know that they are OK and that is why they want to deliver messages with such great detail.  For the living, it’s often the uncertainty around someone’s death that can be the most vexing.   The understanding that a detailed reading can bring offers some comfort, peace, and closure.