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August 23, 2012

Finding peace for some is a rare experience.  For me finding peace comes from being outside in nature and in the beauty that surrounds us.  Last year, Paul and I went on an amazing trip climbing the Haute Route from Chamonix to Zermatt.  We traveled along glaciers and over high passes and stayed the night in mountain huts.  What an experience!  The Alps are among the most amazingly breathtaking (literally) mountains in the world.  Today I get to go back to the Alps.  On this trip I will be climbing the second tallest peak in the Alps, the Monte Rosa.  We will travel for 5 days along the glaciers, up and over rocky ridges, and we’ll stay our final night in the highest hut in Europe.  It will take a lot of work but I know that it will bring peace and healing.  Enjoy the rest of the beautiful summer and find some peace outside – in the beauty of the ocean or the magnificence of the mountains.  Ciao!


The Toll it Takes

August 2, 2012

You might imagine that the messages I receive from the dead are not always peaceful.  We all may want to fade away in our sleep at some ripe old age but unfortunately it may not work out that way.

In a medium reading, I come face to face, literally, with the manner in which someone has died.  Many are brutal, detailing stabbings or murders.  More people than you know have had buildings collapse on them, leading to a slow suffocating death.  Some deaths are breathtakingly sad.  The accidental death of a child haunts parents for a lifetime as they wonder, relentlessly, whether they could’ve done something differently.  People die in avalanches and car accidents; they drown.

I often receive these stories in pictures, sensations, and words.  The good news is that the person who dies is freed immediately from any pain and suffering at the moment that death comes.

That still leaves us, the living, to re-experience the circumstance of the death itself and to dwell sometimes in the last horrible minutes of life.

I wonder what effect this all has on me.  The sadness and grief that my clients often feel definitely travels with me outside of the sessions.   Working as healer is amazing; being able to connect people with their loved ones who have died is an unbelievable experience.  But I am also human and the sadness and suffering of my clients is part of my work.  It becomes part of me.  It takes a toll.

*   *   *   *   *

I realized I needed a break – a break from the dead – and I knew that they, “the dead,” would still be there when I returned to work.  I enjoyed lazy days at the beach, spending time with friends, and hiking in the White Mountains of New Hampshire with my boyfriend.  We are gearing up for another climbing trip to the Swiss Alps.  After two weeks of this “cure” I returned to work.

The first reading I did was actually a second reading for a women who lost her husband last year.  He let her know that he was aware that she had purchased a new car and a new home on the beach, a place that they both loved and enjoyed together.  He was still close by watching and protecting – still present in spirit.  This brought her great comfort.

I was reminded how very powerful it is connecting to a loved one who has died and how life-changing it is to know that we are not alone and always connected to those we love in spirit.   I needed time away as part of my healing but I needed a reading like this one to be fully rejuvenated.

My work may take a toll, but all things in life can take a toll, and we take care of ourselves by taking a break, taking time off, and then getting back to work.