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As a medium and a Reiki healer I know that each experience with each client is always going to be brand new.  I never now what my day is going to bring; all I know is that it will be something new.  2012 was an amazing year of growth for Powers of Healing – growth not only in the number of clients with whom I’ve worked but also in my own understanding of what I do and what I can offer.  With all this in mind…

Powers of Healing will start something new.

Starting in March, I will be offering new ways to experience a connection with the spirits of loved ones.  POH will have more and more types of group readings available.  I will be scheduling far fewer individual, private readings.

A new type of small group,  Spirit Connections 2 – A Small Group Reading with Molly Powers, will start in March.  These extended readings will welcome no more than 10 people.  I’m happy to report that the first of these has already sold out.  The Watertown Healing Arts Center will be the home of these evening sessions.

Spirit Connections 2 will join Spirit Connections:  An Evening With Molly Powers which launched last fall.  The most recent event in January at Lexington Power Yoga.  POH is currently booking the next “Evening” later this month in Canton, MA.

And for those who feel that a private reading is the only venue for them, I will continue to offer this service but these readings will be scheduled on a very limited basis.

The Services page of the website pages will continue to have the most up-to-date information on events and pricing.  As I continue to grow and evolve as a medium and healer, my hope is that this latest iteration of POH will allow me to do my very best for the greatest number of people.