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“A belated thank you for an incredible Reiki session. It brought me an immense amount of peace and the moments of reconnecting with my mom were so healing. I need to find a way to hold on to the feeling of that healing, but imagine that takes time.”   ~ 2014

“She told us things that only our loved one and us would know. It’s pleasing to know there is existence after death. And we were able to get answers to things that have been on our minds for years!  Thank you so much Molly.” ~ 2013

What I have found in my work and in my life is that stepping away from something old and creating something new is always challenging.  If you don’t try, though, how can you succeed?

Powers of Healing’s newest offering combines a Reiki energy healing session and a medium reading.  Each of these modalities offers healing and peace and combining the two is the natural outgrowth of my experience.  For the past seven years, I have separated these services for my clients.  My experience, though, has taught me that the boundary between the two is not so clear cut.  More and more, the spirits of loved ones have made their presence known during Reiki sessions.  Often, I ignored them as an intrusion. Occasionally, I would deliver a message.

I have realized that putting together Reiki and a medium reading intentionally has tremendous potential to offer healing.  This realization is part of my progression in my own journey with all of you.

As I set down this new path, I feel it necessary to emphasize that grief is a powerful emotion, as strong as any in this universe.  It rarely ever goes away completely.  Nor should it.  It remains as a testament to the love we carry in our hearts for those who have passed.   Some people come to me hoping that I can wave away their grief.  I cannot.  The path away from grief will always remain an individual journey.  My hope is that this new service will help hasten you down the road, but please remember that I cannot get you straight to the end.

Early Spring

March 2, 2014

My home office overlooks a lovely little tree-lined street in Cambridge.  This past week, I had the pleasure of watching the robins who have just returned to the neighborhood.  Despite the chill of the polar vortex they basked in the sunshine on the roofs across the way.  The warm sun on the black shingles seemed to take away the chill and it was hard not to see their enjoyment.

We humans often find it difficult to be in the moment.  We are always moving towards the next moment, missing out on the pleasure of this one.  The robins didn’t have this problem.  They weren’t worried about future or the past.  They were content, happy.

No matter what we do, spring will come back to us.  So, as we anxiously await warmer weather and the sighting of the first crocus blooming in our gardens may we also follow the example of the robins and enjoy many more of the moments along the way.

I have been thinking all winter about Powers of Healing and different ways to bring to more people the message and comfort of healing.  I’ll have more to say on that soon, but right now, I’m heading outside to enjoy the cold, crisp air of winter and the bright sunshine on my face.