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We meet again

March 22, 2012

It is not often that I do a reading and connect with someone whom I had happened to meet when he was alive.  But it does happen.

One fellow I had met twice, once in a group reading he attended with his wife, and again a few weeks after that in a private reading with his wife.  He had been receiving intensive treatment for brain cancer for about 10 months.  In the readings, he wanted to confirm that he was not alone and that his loved ones were with him providing peace, comfort, healing, and love.  He wanted to make sure that they knew of his illness.

He died about a month ago and his wife came to see me last week in hopes of re-connecting.  This time, his spirit was able to provide her the same peace, comfort, healing, and love that he had received while alive.  She left knowing that he is close by – watching, guiding, and protecting.

Irish Catholic

March 14, 2012

I was raised in an Irish Catholic family so, when I came out of the Medium closet in 2007,  the thought of telling my family that I developed the ability to talk to dead people didn’t seem possible.  It is a sin in the Catholic church to commune with spirits, and that is what I was doing.  I decided to tell my twin sister first.  She was surprised and even a bit confused as she did not understand what it all meant.  Undaunted, I told my big sister next.  She was surprised, too, but accepted my new gift as a good thing and thought that it would bring peace to others.  My brother, the oldest,  lives out in California and was very laid back about it:   “I’ll spread the word.  Cool.”

That left my parents.  I was terrified to tell them that I was communing with dead.  I was truly terrified;  I really had no idea how they were going to respond.  I was so very pleasantly surprised when not only did they respond with delight and wonder, but they also were amazingly supportive,  kind,  and loving. Thank you Mom and Dad.

So, being Irish Catholic is not so bad after all.  It is who I am; it is my heritage,  and I am grateful.


March 7, 2012

Recently a client emailed me about a road race in Cambridge.  The money raised from the road race was benefiting Target Cancer, a foundation that was founded by her late husband who died shortly after it was founded.  I am a runner and I enjoy running.  I was a pretty serious runner back in my 20’s and ran the Boston Marathon three times.  These days I run occasionally, once a week at best.  It was a 5-mile race and I thought I could do it.

Then I realized that my client’s late husband never had the chance.

I was going to run for him, for Target Cancer. I was going to run because I could and because there are so many people who die young, who do not get the chance.  As I ran I thought of my client’s late husband the entire way and thanked him for giving me a great gift that day.

Interested in Target Cancer please check out their websites: &