Recently a client emailed me about a road race in Cambridge.  The money raised from the road race was benefiting Target Cancer, a foundation that was founded by her late husband who died shortly after it was founded.  I am a runner and I enjoy running.  I was a pretty serious runner back in my 20’s and ran the Boston Marathon three times.  These days I run occasionally, once a week at best.  It was a 5-mile race and I thought I could do it.

Then I realized that my client’s late husband never had the chance.

I was going to run for him, for Target Cancer. I was going to run because I could and because there are so many people who die young, who do not get the chance.  As I ran I thought of my client’s late husband the entire way and thanked him for giving me a great gift that day.

Interested in Target Cancer please check out their websites: &