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My 16 Year Journey…

January 3, 2021

Believe you me, it was quite a surprise when, in 2004, I first received a message from someone who had passed. My friend’s mother wanted everyone to know that she was okay. Several years after her death, we were standing in her old kitchen down on the Cape. That’s where it all started.

My sixteen-year journey since then has been full of so many memorable experiences – emotions ranging from complete joy to utter sadness – as I came to believe in the most unbelievable: Our loved ones are with us always.

Over the years I have wondered whether my gift would just disappear one day. Would I wake up and no longer be able to communicate with the departed?

This has not happened. I have done so many readings filled with inspiring stories of strength and resilience. I have grown through all this, becoming stronger and more resilient in my heart and mind. I am grateful for the many connections I have made over the years.

And yet, this work has taken a toll on me.

It is hard for me to share this: While doing readings is a joy at times, I have also come to realize that the cost to me has become too high.

I need to step away from the readings and chart a course in a different direction.

I want to pour my love and attention into other forms of healing. It is a scary step to take, but it feels right to me and important.

So, as of January, 2021, I will no longer be offering medium readings in any form. I will continue my work as a Reiki healer and yoga teacher.

I thank you all for your kindness, love, and support. Please stay tuned to these pages as my own life journey evolves and expands. I wish you all joy in your own journeys.

With Gratitude – Molly Powers

A Tribute to My Dad

December 15, 2016

As the holiday season approaches and this year comes to an end, it is hard not to think about my dad, Robert Powers, who passed away in September.  There was part of me that did not want to go back to doing medium readings after he died.  I felt too sad.  When I finally started up again, I realized my dad was right there with me.  His spirit was supporting me and loving me just as he did when he was alive.  What a gift to have him so close by!  I love you, Dad!

The holidays can be tough when you lose a loved, but our loving memories of those who have died is what brings peace to our hearts.  I wanted to share the tribute that I wrote for my dad.  I hope it helps you to know how close by spirit is everyday.  Wishing all of you a happy, joyful, and peaceful holiday season!

My Dad…

“On behalf of our family, my siblings, and my dearest mom, Gini, we want to thank you all for being here, supporting us, loving us, and most importantly, celebrating our dad, Robert Powers.  He was a wonderful man; his heart was big; his spirit was strong, and his love for each us was unwavering.   We love you Dad!

In thinking about what I wanted to share, I thought I needed to go sit in a quiet place to think and meditate.  Being at 310 Wentworth Avenue – a Powers household and a gathering spot for the Powers extended family – finding a place to sit with my quiet thoughts and feelings soon became impossible.  We Powers are not known for being quiet.  So I decided to sit amongst the chatter of our family and work on this tribute to him.

I realized how my dad in spirit must be loving all of his family coming together. I realized that this was it – the loud, the laughing, the reminiscing, the singing, the life – this was my father.  This was his gift to us and this is how we celebrate him.  And the beauty is that we will carry this with us always and forever in our hearts – in every bit of joy and every bit of laughter.  He has taught me – us – how to remember him.  Thank you Dad! 

As you’ve heard throughout these services, my dad was not one to find pause.  He was always go, go, go.  When he was a printer, he worked 12 hours a night, 6 nights a week and then he’d spend his days painting the house.  My mom said that he always had a paint brush in his hand.

As the years passed, though, I got to see a different side of him as I would go for a visit and sit with him in the living room.  He would ask me about work; how it was going; we would just catch up.  I would say goodbye and tell him I loved him. He would always say, “Go slow, Molly.”  “Okay Dad, I will go slow.” 

My dad had started to slow down.  Maybe it was his heart that slowed him down, and later in his life it was his mind that slowed him down.  Soon he would slow down completely, as he did this past Wednesday afternoon when he finally passed away.  

Our dad’s message to all of us is to “Go slow…”  Take a pause; enjoy life; love each other, and stick together.

The love he had for each of us will remain in our hearts forever. This love never dies. Take a pause; remember that his spirit will be with each of us always. This love is what we feel when we feel his presence in the room, or when we see a bird in the yard and think that it is him.  This love is what will help heal our grief and our sadness. Take a pause and smile, and know that our dad is smiling down on all of us.”

Hello Everyone,

A few months back some dear clients of mine wanted to feature me on their website – Ms. Fit for Society.  They both have had the experience of working with me over the years and found their sessions with me to be beneficial in bringing healing into their lives.  Thank you Jessica and Alisa for this lovely feature on Ms. Fit for Society.  My heart is grateful for the both of you.

Check it out!

Happy Holidays!

Be Well,



June 18, 2014

This past weekend I went to visit my dad for Father’s Day.   When I arrived he was watching the Red Sox game in the living room and I joined him for a few minutes.  Honestly, I find baseball a bit tedious so I started looking through an old photo album with my mom.  There were many great pictures of our family camping trips to Greenfield State Park and White Lake State Park in NH.  When I was little, we spent many a summer vacation sleeping in a tent and eating dinner at a picnic table underneath a big orange and green canopy.  My older brother, older sister, twin sister, and I slept side-by-side in the big blue canvas tent as my parents rested on the old wooden cots by the screen door.  It was magical – the tent, the mountains, the lakes that we swam in all day long as the warm sunshine tanned our skin.  Happiness was abundant.

Each year as school was about to end I couldn’t wait for the day my dad would pack up the big Ford station wagon.  We would all pile in and off we went to the White Mountains of New Hampshire.

As fate would have it I continue to spend many weekends and vacations in the White Mountains with my husband – hiking, backpacking, swimming in lakes & rivers, and enjoying the warmth of the sunshine on my skin.  What I experienced as a child I continue to experience as an adult and it’s still magical.

As a child I didn’t think too deeply about being outside but I knew that it made me happy.  As an adult I am more and more aware of the healing benefits of the wilderness and the importance of taking time to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors.

I like to think that my own departed loved ones come back to me as signs in nature – maybe a bird singing sweetly, a deer walking through the yard, or perhaps a rainbow.  I feel that those who have died become the beauty of the world around us.

There is no easy way to assuage the grief and sadness that we feel after someone has died.   But it helps to know that their spirits are close by.  So, the next time you’re on a mountain trail or strolling along a beach, do what I do; look for signs of those walking with you. Nature is a powerful healer.  It brings peace to our hearts and our minds.  Enjoy summer!

It feels as though Spring has arrived – finally!

I awoke this morning to the song of a cardinal who likes to sit in the tree behind our house.  It’s a good sign that we are finally heading towards a warmer season with plenty of sunshine.   Whether it’s the sun shining or the birds singing, the change of seasons brings a new energy that gives us a boost,.  The arrival of the new season also reminds us that change is always happening.  We change and, hopefully, we grow.

Powers of Healing goes through the same process of change and growth.  This past month, I launched my new service, the Reiki/Reading, which combines both a medium reading and Reiki healing.  When I was creating this new service there were moments of worry.  “Will this work?”  “Will people be open to it?” and “Will it be successful?”

I want to thank all of you because this new service has been so well received.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

From a personal standpoint, it is also wonderful to see so many familiar faces, people whom I met in groups, in Reiki-only sessions, or in prior readings.  My heart is full of gratitude and appreciation for all of you.  Thank you again and I hope to see you all very soon.  Enjoy the birds singing!

Let me share two testimonials:

“I had the Reiki/Reading and it was really wonderful. The reading was great and the Reiki treatment after was relaxing and healing. I felt light as a feather at the conclusion of my appointment. ~ K.B.

“I wanted to thank you for my Reiki/Reading session last week. Your reading helped me feel deeply connected to my parents and brother-in-law who came through. I was truly amazed with the accuracy of information channeling through you. Thank you for helping me feel completely relaxed, and open to receive. I thoroughly enjoyed our Reiki session as well, and feel you have quite a niche in the healing world.  ~ D.M.

“A belated thank you for an incredible Reiki session. It brought me an immense amount of peace and the moments of reconnecting with my mom were so healing. I need to find a way to hold on to the feeling of that healing, but imagine that takes time.”   ~ 2014

“She told us things that only our loved one and us would know. It’s pleasing to know there is existence after death. And we were able to get answers to things that have been on our minds for years!  Thank you so much Molly.” ~ 2013

What I have found in my work and in my life is that stepping away from something old and creating something new is always challenging.  If you don’t try, though, how can you succeed?

Powers of Healing’s newest offering combines a Reiki energy healing session and a medium reading.  Each of these modalities offers healing and peace and combining the two is the natural outgrowth of my experience.  For the past seven years, I have separated these services for my clients.  My experience, though, has taught me that the boundary between the two is not so clear cut.  More and more, the spirits of loved ones have made their presence known during Reiki sessions.  Often, I ignored them as an intrusion. Occasionally, I would deliver a message.

I have realized that putting together Reiki and a medium reading intentionally has tremendous potential to offer healing.  This realization is part of my progression in my own journey with all of you.

As I set down this new path, I feel it necessary to emphasize that grief is a powerful emotion, as strong as any in this universe.  It rarely ever goes away completely.  Nor should it.  It remains as a testament to the love we carry in our hearts for those who have passed.   Some people come to me hoping that I can wave away their grief.  I cannot.  The path away from grief will always remain an individual journey.  My hope is that this new service will help hasten you down the road, but please remember that I cannot get you straight to the end.

Early Spring

March 2, 2014

My home office overlooks a lovely little tree-lined street in Cambridge.  This past week, I had the pleasure of watching the robins who have just returned to the neighborhood.  Despite the chill of the polar vortex they basked in the sunshine on the roofs across the way.  The warm sun on the black shingles seemed to take away the chill and it was hard not to see their enjoyment.

We humans often find it difficult to be in the moment.  We are always moving towards the next moment, missing out on the pleasure of this one.  The robins didn’t have this problem.  They weren’t worried about future or the past.  They were content, happy.

No matter what we do, spring will come back to us.  So, as we anxiously await warmer weather and the sighting of the first crocus blooming in our gardens may we also follow the example of the robins and enjoy many more of the moments along the way.

I have been thinking all winter about Powers of Healing and different ways to bring to more people the message and comfort of healing.  I’ll have more to say on that soon, but right now, I’m heading outside to enjoy the cold, crisp air of winter and the bright sunshine on my face.


August 21, 2013

When I first started my work as a medium and Reiki healer I truly had no idea where and what my business would look like in 7 years.  For starters, I couldn’t believe that I was able to communicate with those who had died and, on top of that, bring messages back to the living, thus bringing a sense of peace and healing.  It all seemed unbelievable but it was actually happening.

As the word of mouth spread about my work I booked more and more readings.  It was amazing to me that I was able to provide so much peace and healing for others.  The response was very gratifying.  There were still many moments in this time of growth and transition that I could not believe I was talking to dead people.

In 2009, I started to do group readings and again to my astonishment the groups started to grow and the demand for groups expanded.  I also started traveling and doing both group and individual readings in other cities.  It seemed that everything about my business was taking off and I enjoyed every moment of this growth.

And something shifted for me.  I realized that it was not always an exciting and joyful experience for me.  I started feeling sadness and anxiety creep into my own life and I soon saw that in all of my work communicating with the dead and experiencing the grief of my clients was affecting me.

Somewhere back in there, as my business was expanding, I had stopped teaching yoga.  It had been a real love of mine and now it was a real lack in my life.  So, I started teaching again, first one then two and now up to four classes a week. Unfortunately, just adding back the yoga wasn’t enough.

I need a break from the dead people.

Powers of Healing will continue to provide Reiki healing sessions, but will no longer schedule medium readings to individuals or groups.  It has taken me a long time to come to this decision and it has not been without much thought and contemplation.  I have seen the healing benefits of the medium readings and it saddens me to stop offering this out to the world.  My website will reflect this change and now also includes my yoga teaching schedule ( and any upcoming yoga workshops that I will be running.

Thank you for all your love, support, and kindness.  There may be a day when I will do readings again, but in this moment, I take a pause and enjoy this latest transition in my life and in my work.

Where do they go

April 17, 2013

Many people ask me, “Where do they go?”  I do not know where they go, those who have died, but what I do know is that they are not very far away.  I sense their presence in the room at the start of each reading.  It’s a presence that is with the person who is grieving, the person who has experienced great loss; we are the ones who are always close to our loved ones in spirit.  Where do they go?  They go with us; they travel with us; they watch over us.

In the wake of great tragedies – Sandy Hook and the horrific bombing at the Boston Marathon – I feel a great sense of connection to those who have died and those directly touched by this great loss.  It is hard to believe that there can be comfort and peace when someone’s life is taken by a bomb or a gun.  And many ask, “Where do they go?”  They are no longer suffering.  Their bodies, their minds, and their spirit are at peace.  They leave their bodies and they become peace.

Through my work, I know that the loved one who dies in the most terrible way is no longer suffering.  Their bodies do not hurt; their mind is not full of anguish.  They are free.  Although their life may have been short or may have ended too soon, they become our peace.

With loss so sad, tragic, heart-wrenching, and unforeseen it is hard to believe in peace.  But I know that they go with you – they travel with you – to comfort, to protect, to love, and always, always to bring peace.

The Gift of Yoga

April 3, 2013

My yoga practice has opened more doors – physically, mentally, and spiritually – than I ever could have imagined when I stepped into my first class and rolled out my mat over ten years ago.  I took that particular first class because a friend told me it was challenging.  Having run the Boston Marathon twice, I believed in challenging myself when exercising.  Sure enough, thanks to Rolf Gates on that first day, I really was challenged…and exhausted.  The part that was so very unexpected, though, was how it opened my mind and my heart.  It was the first of the many gifts that my yoga practice has brought into my life.

Like many, I fell sway to yoga – the practice, the physical exertion, the heat and, the most wonderful of all, the peace.  I wondered how this could be, this peace.  The peace I felt practicing yoga allowed me to let go, to be free, and it allowed me to feel vulnerable.  The yoga poses were so new and different, I had to let go.  Who knows what I looked like back then but it sure felt good in my body.

I spent many a yoga practice in tears on my mat yet when class was over my heart felt renewed and restored.  I didn’t question all of these emotional moments, I just took them as a good sign.  I learned through my own practice the healing of the body, heart, and mind.  I began to feel more balanced, centered, and aligned – both on and off my mat.

I am trained as a mental health therapist and when I started practicing yoga I was working in the prisons.  Practicing yoga gave me the balance I needed to counsel criminals in the jails day in and day out.  Soon I left my life in corrections and jumped into the yoga world full time, managing yoga studios, and becoming a teacher myself.  It was while teaching my first class at Crunch Fitness in Downtown Crossing that I realized that yoga leads down the path of healing.  It was during my first om that my heart truly opened and I knew I was on the right path: A gift unexpected and unimagined.

My alternative healing business, Powers of Healing, grew out of further gifts that yoga has brought into my life.  I am grateful for this and want to return some of this gratitude as I help you on your own healing path.