Many people ask me, “Where do they go?”  I do not know where they go, those who have died, but what I do know is that they are not very far away.  I sense their presence in the room at the start of each reading.  It’s a presence that is with the person who is grieving, the person who has experienced great loss; we are the ones who are always close to our loved ones in spirit.  Where do they go?  They go with us; they travel with us; they watch over us.

In the wake of great tragedies – Sandy Hook and the horrific bombing at the Boston Marathon – I feel a great sense of connection to those who have died and those directly touched by this great loss.  It is hard to believe that there can be comfort and peace when someone’s life is taken by a bomb or a gun.  And many ask, “Where do they go?”  They are no longer suffering.  Their bodies, their minds, and their spirit are at peace.  They leave their bodies and they become peace.

Through my work, I know that the loved one who dies in the most terrible way is no longer suffering.  Their bodies do not hurt; their mind is not full of anguish.  They are free.  Although their life may have been short or may have ended too soon, they become our peace.

With loss so sad, tragic, heart-wrenching, and unforeseen it is hard to believe in peace.  But I know that they go with you – they travel with you – to comfort, to protect, to love, and always, always to bring peace.