My 16 Year Journey…

Believe you me, it was quite a surprise when, in 2004, I first received a message from someone who had passed. My friend’s mother wanted everyone to know that she was okay. Several years after her death, we were standing in her old kitchen down on the Cape. That’s where it all started. My sixteen-year […]

A Tribute to My Dad

As the holiday season approaches and this year comes to an end, it is hard not to think about my dad, Robert Powers, who passed away in September.  There was part of me that did not want to go back to doing medium readings after he died.  I felt too sad.  When I finally started up […]

Check out my feature on Ms. Fit for Society!

Hello Everyone, A few months back some dear clients of mine wanted to feature me on their website – Ms. Fit for Society.  They both have had the experience of working with me over the years and found their sessions with me to be beneficial in bringing healing into their lives.  Thank you Jessica and […]


This past weekend I went to visit my dad for Father’s Day.   When I arrived he was watching the Red Sox game in the living room and I joined him for a few minutes.  Honestly, I find baseball a bit tedious so I started looking through an old photo album with my mom.  There were […]

The Cardinal’s Return

It feels as though Spring has arrived – finally! I awoke this morning to the song of a cardinal who likes to sit in the tree behind our house.  It’s a good sign that we are finally heading towards a warmer season with plenty of sunshine.   Whether it’s the sun shining or the birds singing, […]

A New Path for Powers of Healing

“A belated thank you for an incredible Reiki session. It brought me an immense amount of peace and the moments of reconnecting with my mom were so healing. I need to find a way to hold on to the feeling of that healing, but imagine that takes time.”   ~ 2014 “She told us things that […]

Early Spring

My home office overlooks a lovely little tree-lined street in Cambridge.  This past week, I had the pleasure of watching the robins who have just returned to the neighborhood.  Despite the chill of the polar vortex they basked in the sunshine on the roofs across the way.  The warm sun on the black shingles seemed […]


When I first started my work as a medium and Reiki healer I truly had no idea where and what my business would look like in 7 years.  For starters, I couldn’t believe that I was able to communicate with those who had died and, on top of that, bring messages back to the living, […]

Where do they go

Many people ask me, “Where do they go?”  I do not know where they go, those who have died, but what I do know is that they are not very far away.  I sense their presence in the room at the start of each reading.  It’s a presence that is with the person who is […]

The Gift of Yoga

My yoga practice has opened more doors – physically, mentally, and spiritually – than I ever could have imagined when I stepped into my first class and rolled out my mat over ten years ago.  I took that particular first class because a friend told me it was challenging.  Having run the Boston Marathon twice, […]

Something New for Powers of Healing

As a medium and a Reiki healer I know that each experience with each client is always going to be brand new.  I never now what my day is going to bring; all I know is that it will be something new.  2012 was an amazing year of growth for Powers of Healing – growth […]

A New Year

A new year, we can start over, start something new, create something new, or just be grateful for what we have, because that is perfect, too.  A new year is often a time to think about what we would like to do differently in our lives, a time to ponder the creation of something new […]


I have been thinking a lot about love over these past few months.  During a reading I feel the love between my clients and those they have lost.  That love never seems to die and walks with us through the rest of our days on this earth. After a reading people often share with me […]


Finding peace for some is a rare experience.  For me finding peace comes from being outside in nature and in the beauty that surrounds us.  Last year, Paul and I went on an amazing trip climbing the Haute Route from Chamonix to Zermatt.  We traveled along glaciers and over high passes and stayed the night […]

The Toll it Takes

You might imagine that the messages I receive from the dead are not always peaceful.  We all may want to fade away in our sleep at some ripe old age but unfortunately it may not work out that way. In a medium reading, I come face to face, literally, with the manner in which someone […]

Did I say everything I wanted to say

Interestingly, some people who come to see me for a reading are worried that the person who has died is still mad at them. Maybe the person who is alive didn’t visit right at the end. Or, there was a misunderstanding or falling out that never got patched up. From what I’ve seen, the people […]

The first message

On a sunny day in July of 2003, I was standing in the kitchen of my friend Michelle’s house on Cape Cod.  But it wasn’t as festive as it sounds.  Her mother had died five years earlier and her father was planning to remarry and sell the house.  Michelle and I were talking in the […]

How do I come back?

When I met Mary (not her real name) three years ago she was healthy.  When she e-mailed me recently, she had been diagnosed with terminal cancer.  She wanted to know if I did house calls.  She was interested in both a medium reading and a Reiki healing session.  I e-mailed her right back, “Absolutely.” When […]

We meet again

It is not often that I do a reading and connect with someone whom I had happened to meet when he was alive.  But it does happen. One fellow I had met twice, once in a group reading he attended with his wife, and again a few weeks after that in a private reading with […]

Irish Catholic

I was raised in an Irish Catholic family so, when I came out of the Medium closet in 2007,  the thought of telling my family that I developed the ability to talk to dead people didn’t seem possible.  It is a sin in the Catholic church to commune with spirits, and that is what I […]


Recently a client emailed me about a road race in Cambridge.  The money raised from the road race was benefiting Target Cancer, a foundation that was founded by her late husband who died shortly after it was founded.  I am a runner and I enjoy running.  I was a pretty serious runner back in my […]


Grief is something that we all experience at some point – from the death of a loved one, the loss of a relationship, or the loss of a job.  Grief challenges us in different ways.  It can make us sad, angry, frustrated, and so disappointed because we can’t seem to shake the heaviness of loss.  […]

What do dead people sound like?

I get this question a lot. “What is it that you hear that makes you sure you’re communicating with the deceased?”   I hate to say it, but it doesn’t “sound” like anything.  Information is delivered to me, like a story that is not mine, a story connected to the loved one who has died. For […]

On being a Medium

When I say, “I talk to the dead for a living,” I’m often met with blank stares.  Occasionally, I get a, “Really?” or, “That’s cool.”  My friends say that I should really give up expecting people to know or understand what the essential core of my work is.  Connecting people to their dead loved ones […]

What happens during a Group or Invidual Reading?

During a two-hour group reading, Molly will begin by sharing her story- the  discovery of her ability to connect to people who have died and how this has changed her life.  In the main portion of the session, Molly will deliver meaningful messages to individuals in the room from the loved ones who have passed […]

These dead people are killing me

I was having coffee with my boyfriend at Starbucks one morning in Central Sq. in Cambridge, MA a bit over a year ago and I was feeling emotionally drained.  I sat down to join him for coffee and I just started to cry.  He looked at me inquisitively. “These dead people are killing me,” I […]