I have been thinking a lot about love over these past few months.  During a reading I feel the love between my clients and those they have lost.  That love never seems to die and walks with us through the rest of our days on this earth.

After a reading people often share with me in e-mails and in messages their experience and so often it focuses on the love that they felt, the love that I felt, too.  Here are two examples:

My reading with Molly was a little like a family reunion. Four members of my immediate family came through and allowed Molly to deliver accurate information to me that would not otherwise be known to her. I found great comfort in knowing that my loved ones, especially my mother, are at peace….

Molly told me things that only my sister and I knew.  She reminded me of things my parents and I had done. It was like going home for a bit. It was extremely comforting to know your loved ones still look out for you.

Love it what heals; love is what brings great peace, and love is what brings joy.  There may be sadness but there is also comfort in knowing that even in death there is still love.