On a sunny day in July of 2003, I was standing in the kitchen of my friend Michelle’s house on Cape Cod.  But it wasn’t as festive as it sounds.  Her mother had died five years earlier and her father was planning to remarry and sell the house.  Michelle and I were talking in the kitchen and other friends were in the living room.   An embroidered poem mounted on the kitchen wall caught my eye, “An Irish Blessing.”  I started reading the poem and – and just like in a movie – a rush of wind came through the back door.  Without knowing why, I looked at Michelle and said, “Your mother wants to let you know that she is okay and she is so happy that you are here staying in the house.”

I was overcome by an intense sadness and burst into tears and hugged Michelle.  She asked, “Molly,  did you just channel my mother?”  I wasn’t sure.  I had never felt or done anything like that before and I didn’t know what to make of it.  Honestly, I didn’t know what channeling was.

Later, Michelle told me that her mom loved the Cape house.  It was one her favorite places to be.   Michelle thought that her mother wanted to encourage her children to enjoy the Cape house as a retreat much as she had when she was alive.

I don’t know how Michelle’s mother knew to deliver a message through me to her daughter.   But she did and it was powerful.  I also didn’t know that this experience would set my life on a different path.  Though it would take another three years and another experience for that new path to become clear to me.