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Powers of Healing’s newest offering combines a Reiki energy healing session and a medium reading.  Each of these modalities offers healing and peace and combining the two is the natural outgrowth of my experience.  For the past seven years, I have separated these services for my clients.  My experience, though, has taught me that the boundary between the two is not so clear cut.  More and more, the spirits of loved ones have made their presence known during Reiki sessions.  Often, I ignored them as an intrusion. Occasionally, I would deliver a message.

I have realized that putting together Reiki and a medium reading intentionally has tremendous potential to offer healing.  This realization is part of my progression in my own journey.  In 50-minute session the medium reading will occupy a third of our time.

As I set down this new path, I feel it necessary to emphasize that grief is a powerful emotion, as strong as any in this universe.  It rarely ever goes away completely.  Nor should it.  It remains as a testament to the love we carry in our hearts for those who have passed.   Some people come to me hoping that I can wave away their grief.  I cannot.  The path away from grief will always remain an individual journey.  My hope is that this new service will help hasten you down the road, but please remember that I cannot get you straight to the end.


“I wanted to thank you for my Reiki/Reading session last week. Your reading helped me feel deeply connected to my parents and brother-in-law who came through. I was truly amazed with the accuracy of information channeling through you. Thank you for helping me feel completely relaxed, and open to receive. I thoroughly enjoyed our Reiki session as well, and feel you have quite a niche in the healing world. I’m looking forward to doing more Reiki sessions with you. Thank you, Molly, for paying attention to and sharing your unique gifts to help others heal.” ~ D.M.

“The reading: a very powerful experience; someone I knew of through stories but had never met (and long wished I had) came through. For the Reiki treatment, Molly instinctively went to an area I was having trouble with, and I definitely felt the healing vibes. She has amazing gifts. ” ~ M.R.

“Had a Reiki/Reading session with Molly and it was wonderful. Received messages from loved ones that carried a great deal of meaning. The Reiki left me relaxed and energized and filled with a sense of well being. Molly is extremely gifted, and she posseses a positive energy and warmth that makes for a truly memorable experience.”  ~ J.C.

“Reiki truly relaxes the body and soul. It allows for time without worries and stress. I leave feeling relaxed and have a renewed strength to face the everyday challenges. Receiving messages from loved ones adds to the healing of the mind and soul. Molly is gifted, positive, genuine, warm and caring. She is sincere and passionate about using her gift to help others heal.” ~ R.H.